Brad Southard


Both the startling and highly praised Dislandia and Aramaic soundtracks were scored by Brad Southard: philologist, socialist, collector of languages and wax cylinder recordings. He has been playing with his Fisher-Price record player and tinkering with xylophones, jaw harps, fifes and ukeleles since he was a small tot. Today, besides an interest in pidgin languages and a self destructive relationship with academia, he hosts a radio show of 1970's West African funk and is a member of a Javanese gamelan orchestra. His home studio is haunted by a collection of stray instruments - koto, banjo, mbira, sitar, cello, dulcimer... He and his family make like pioneers, pack all their belongings and transverse the western half of the united states whenever their garden gets overrun by aquamarine unicorns.



contact: brad my be found at radioboise's synchro system