Brian M. Viveros

Celebrated Surrealist fetish/mutilation artist Brian M. Viveros is now utilizing the medium of film to capture the dark and evocative debris that radiates from his mind. Brian is internationally embraced for his erotic paintings and illustrations. Writer and filmmaker, Clive Barker, labeled it "Wicked Art".

"...Brians trip to Switzerland can only be described in three words:
"veni, vidi vinci". People here are crazy about his work and can't wait for him to return and bedazzle them again!"
- Museum of Porn in Art, Zürich, Switzerland

Brian's recognition accelerated with his participation in The Art of Porn exhibition held in Switzerland (1997), where he exhibited with H.R.Giger thanks to friend and art advisor Les Barany (Giger's agent). Since then, Brian's work has been in numerous gallery shows and exhibitions in the United States and Europe, and has appeared in Secret Magazine, In the Flesh, Skin Two, Drawing Blood, Darks Art Magazine, and Art Alternatives. His graphic novels include Vesil I-III, Hardcore, Snuff, Psycho Hunter and the short story, "The Magdalena" in Fetish Magazine.

Brian was a finalist of the 2004 Erotic Awards as Artist of the Year, U.K..

"Mysterious sexy women, with their remarkable sensual eyes, and a cigarette in the corner of their mouths, became his trademark. These characters play their lustful roles, sprouted from the brain of the American artist Brian Viveros. His art is a unique mixture of different visual and artistic concepts, surrealism, comics and classic pinups, to name just a few... Thematically, he explores the boundries of fetish play, role playing and some quite heavy pain fantasies. Like the ones where the women are hooked, tortured and bound, but somehow, even in these morbid scenes, he is capable of maintaining a decent dose of humor".
- Art of Love

"The erotic artwork of Brian M. Viveros is a satisfying cross between the Varga Girls and the surrealist renderings of Hans Bellmer. At once playful, hypersexual and erotic, there is also something darkly engaging in Viveros's images. While he'll play up the demon aspects of the Femme Fatale, or the depravity lurking just beneath the surface of the innocent girl, he does so with a sense of awe - as if honoring what's "dangerous" in the erotic female form, not fearing it or degrading it".
-Marilyn Jaye Lewis, editor The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography; Erotic Writer of the Year, 2001

I don't know why I am attracted to his paintings of tattooed, beaten women, but they have such a defiant look, with their Louise Brooks/Pandora's Box black "helmet hair" and cig dangling from their mouths, one eye swollen shut. It is to so erotic and powerful, about us women who get beaten up every day...
- Jenny Lens, punk photographer/archivist - she shot Darby Crash!

"…hauntingly memorable and erotically arousing work".
-Francis Lora, contributing writer to Urban Latino Magazine and the Manhattan Times.

"…deliciously naughty, devilishly sexy".
-Pet Silvia, Art@Large, NY

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still missin' und wanted - brian's painting: heroin sheek. stolen from edi's weinstube (museum of porn in art), zürich, switzerland.


Current & up coming exhibitions:



October 2nd: Dirtyland. Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City, CA Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City

Select past exhibitions:


January: Desenitized: Brian Viveros & Dan Quintana. Capro Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA


November: The Dirty Show - Los Angeles Motel Exhibit: Group show w/ Aaron Hawkes, Alex Aviles, Alva Bernadine (UK), Annie Sprinkle, April Segedi, Ashley (UK), Astrid Kuver, Barry Noland, Billy Ogawa, Billy Pacak, Bob Coulter, Brad Miller, Brian Viveros, Bruce La Bruce, Bryan Barnes, BT Charles, Bunny Yeager, Carolyn Weltman, Chad Michael Ward, Charly B, Charles Green, Chas Ray Krider, Chris Maher, Christine Kessler, Christopher Wright, Clive Barker, Colln Christian, Collin Rae, Corey Godfrey, Cory Marc, Damon Hill, Dan Armand, Dave Naz, Douglas Cason, Ed Fox, Elizabeth Stephens, Eric Kroll, Erin Frost, Eva Midgley, Francois Dubeau, Fredric Fontenoy (FR), Gary Breckheimer, Gary Lee, Geza X, Gina King, Glenn Barr, Gregory de la Haba, HR Giger, Harald Seiwert, Heidi Bluegirl, Hugo, J. L. Robbins, Jason Yates, Jeff Wack, Jeremy Harvey, Jeremy MF Thomson, Juan Martin Del Campo, Jill Greenberg, Jeff Faerber, John Martin, John Santerineross, Julie Simone, Justice Howard, Keith Mueller, Ken Keirns, Kenny Scharf, Kurt Hernon, Lara Allport (AU), Lisa Boyle, Lisolette Gilcrest, Marc DeBauch, Marilyn Zimmerwoman, Mark Arminski, Mark Dancey, Marne Lucas, Michael Breyette, Michael Manning, Michael Rosen, Michael Siu, Mike Williams, Missy Suicide, Niagara, Nicole Steen (CA), Nina Friday, Pablo Davis, Passia Pandora, Paul Rumsey, Peter Keresztury, Pierre Radisic (Belg), Ken Josephson, R. Alan Warren, Renard Garr, Richard Avery, Rick Castro, Rick Morris, Rik Garret, Robert Rosenheck, Robyn Breen, Rod McDonald, Roger White, Ron Zakrin, Ronald Shelley, Ross Brownsdon, Ross Johnston, Sam Holden, Samarel (Israel), Simon Barret, Stacy Lande, Stan Konowitz, Steve Diet Goedde, Sue Rynski (FR) Taurus Burns, The Pizz, Theoni Sapounas, Tom Porta (italy), Tom Thewes, Tracee Mae Miller, Travis Jonk, Travis Shinn, Tristan Eaton, Tulip Enterprises (GE), Vato, Victor Lightworship, Viva Van Story, Yonilab (FR).. City Center Motel. Los Angeles, CA

November: The 13th Hour: Group show w/ Matthew Bone, Paul Booth, Vincent Castiglia, Andy B. Clarkson, Christopher Conte, Coro, Brendan Danielsson, Ewelina Ferruso, Fred Harper, Stephanie Henderson, Robert Hernandez, Jeff McMillian, Gilbert Oh, Pooch, Dan Quintana, Celeste Rappone, Paul Rumsey, David Stoupkis, Tin, Brian Viveros, Jasmine Worth, Genevive Zacconi, Chet Zar. Last Rites Gallery. New York, NY

November: Striptease: Group show w/ Brian Viveros, Susan Heidi, Angelique Houtkamp, Scott Rohlfs, N.C. Winters, Molly Crabapple, Saratoga Sake. Distinction Gallery, Escondido, CA


October: DAMNED II – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness: Group show w/ Marilyn Manson, HR Giger, Aunia Kahn, Brian Viveros, Chad M Ward, Christian Correra, Circle23, Eli Livingston, Gary Lee, James Allen, Janina Magnussen, JL Robbins, John U Abrahamson, Jose Manuel Schmill, Krista Acheson, Patrick Byers, Paul Rumsey, Peggy Wauters, Rich Rethorn, Robert Morris, Stephen Blickenstaff, Tsubasa, Viktor Koen, William B Hand... Tangent Gallery. Detroit, MI

July: China Town Arts Night: Group show w/ Alexis Mackenzie, Amy Casey, Brian Viveros, Clark Goulsby, Diana Oldfather, Derek Albeck, Jack Haye, Jeremy Mora, John Carr, Karen Fiorito, Kiel Johnson, Marco Zamora, Seth Neefus, Sonny Kay, Tiber MacCormic... POVevolving Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

May: Southern, Brian Viveros & Matthew Bone. Last Rites Gallery. New York, NY

March: Super School Exhibition, curated by Lola. Copro Nason Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

February: The Dirty Show: Group show w/ HR Giger, Brian Viveros, Peggy Wauters, Christian Correra, Chad Michael Ward, Eli Livingston, Jason Beam, Gary Lee. Detroit, MI

February: Movers and Shakers: Group show. POVevolving Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


December: Good Samaritan's Group Art Exhibition. Group show w/ Alex Garcia, Bad Otis Link, Bethany Marchman, Brandi Milne, Brian Viveros Brooke Kent, Charles Manson, Chet Zar, Chris Peters, Christopher Pugliese, Dan May, Dan Quintana, Delphia, Eric Fortune, Femke Hiemstra Jasmine Worth, Jeff Gillette, Jimmy Pickering, Keith Weesner, Kevin Scalzo Kukula, Lauren Gardiner, Lola, Luke Chueh, Makiko Sugawa, Mari Inukai, Mark Covell, Martin Wittfooth, Michael Page, Naoto Hattori, Nathan Spoor, Nouar, Peter Forystek, Tin, Valarie Bermudez, Ver Mar, Vince Cacciotti, XNO. Copro Nason Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

December: ISM: Untitled Love Project. Group show. Cerasoli : LaBasse Gallery, Culver City, CA

December: Looking Glass. Group Show. Think Space Gallery. Santa Monica, CA

December: Art Basel.Gen Art Vanguard New Contaporary Art Fair. Group show. Charcoal Studios, Miami, FL

November: The Print Show. Group show. Cry Baby Art Gallery Ashbury Park, NJ

November: Give Less Fruit Cake, Buy More Art! Group show. T and P Fine Art

November: The Drawing Room Exhibition; curated by Audrey Kawasaki. Think Space Gallery. Santa Monica, CA

October: Annual Halloween Exhibition: Group show w/ Wes Borland, John Santerineross, Brian M. Viveros, John Abrahamson, Ken Keirns, Brian M. Viveros, Claudio Setti, Chad Savage, Steve Cox, Christopher Shy . Gallery Provocateur, Chicago, IL

October: That Damned Show. Group show. Tangent Gallery Detroit, MI

October: Noxious Fumes. Group show. Rivet Gallery, Columbus, OH

August: Project 57 - Juxtapoz: Group show. Distinction Gallery, Escondido, CA

August: SK8OLOGY: Group show. ISM gallery/Koo's Art Center, Long Beach, CA

July: The Hi-Fructose Group Art Exhibition: Group show w/ Amy Sol, Anthony Ausgang, Attaboy , Brian McCarty, Brian Viveros, Chris Peters, Christopher Ryniak, Dan Quintana, Daniel Lim, Dave Cooper, David Stoupakis, Esao Andrews, Germs, Gris Grimly, Jeff Gillette, Jeff McMillan, Brian McCarty, Jeff Soto, Jim Woodring, Josh Keyes, Keith Weesner, KMNDZ, Kukula, Lola, Luke Chueh, Mark Covell, Martin Witfooth, Matt Dangler, Naoto Hattori, Nathan Spoor, Noferin, Oksana Badrak, Ray Caesar, Shag, Stella Im Hultberg, Tin, Travis Louie, Winston Smith, Xiaoqing Ding...CoproNason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

May: Carnivora: The Dark Art of Automobiles: Group show w/ Robert Crumb, HR Giger, Robert Williams, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Ron English, Marshall Arisman, Stanley Mouse, Brian Viveros, Glenn Barr, Hajime Soroyama, Winston Smith, Niagara, Dan Quintana, Shag, Chet Zar, Coop, Anthony Ausgang, Greg Brotherton, David Trulli, Ken Keirns, J.L. Robbins, Mark Mothersbaugh, Kent Bash, Dean Fleming, Chris Peters, Bart Powers, Dwayne Vance, Charles Wish. L’Imagerie Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

April: Transgression: Group show w/ John Abrahamson, Shawn Barber, Jon Beinart, Rachel Bess, Matthew Bone, Paul Booth, Patrick Byers, Vincent Castiglia, Colin Christian, Christopher Conte, Daniel Martin Diaz, HR Giger, Naoto Hattori, William B Hand, Fred Harper, Nikko Hurtado, Michael Hussar, John John Jesse, Stephen Kasner, Kevin Llewellyn, Fabrice Lavollay, Laurie Lipton, Travis Louie, Jesse Pepper, Karl Persson, Dan Quintana, Celeste Rapone, JL Robbins, David Stoupakis, Heidi Taillerfer, Brian Viveros, Chet Zar Last Rites Gallery. New York, NY

February: The Dirty Show: International Erotic Art Exxxhibition. Group show w/ John U. Abrahamson, Alexey Aloisov, Ashley, Jason Beam, Jamie Burton, Rick Castro, Christian Correra, Stephanie Crabe, Becky Flanders, Rik Garrett, Brian Horton, Viktor Koen, Janina Magnusson, Mr. Evil, Hajime Sorayama, HR Giger, Martin HM Schreiber, Bunny Yeager, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Justice Howard, Buck Angel, Eric Kroll, Coralee Lynn Rose, Nora Ness, Pierre Radisic, Rich Rethorn, Chris Savido, Kim Seltzer, Irakly Shanidze, Georgie Tier, Mark Velasquez, Brian Viveros, Petter Wallebo, Chad Michael Ward, Peggy Wauters, Genevive Zacconi. Detroit, MI

January: Carnivora. Group show. ©POP Gallery. Detroit, MI


December: Holiday in the Park. Group show. Orbit Gallery Space. Edgewater, NJ

December: Revenge of the Empire. Group show w/ Munkone, Max242, Steven Daily, Jeff Soto, Jon Chase, Jason Gallo, Aaron Mason, Jems One, Regino Gonzales, Arnold Cornelid, Bee One, Brian Viveros, Deph. The Versus Gallery. Temecula, CA

October: Edi's Weinstube (Museum of Porn in Art). Solo show. Zürich, Switzerland

September: Les Barany Art Exhibition. Group Show. ©POP Gallery. Detroit, MI

August 4th: Untitled LOVE Project. Group show. Think Space Gallery. Santa Monica, CA

July: One Year Holy Fuck. Group show w/ Brittany Howard, James Fish, Michael Trefzger, Mindy Cherri, Brian Viveros. J. Flynn Gallery. Costa Mesa, CA

July: Next-Gen -Art for the New Aeon. Group show w/ Germs, Ron English, Lola, David Stoupakis, Luke Chueh, Esao Andrews, Travis Louie, KMNDZ, Naoto Hattori, Stella Im Hultberg, Kieth Weesner, Stone, Mark Covell, Kris Lewis, Tiffany Liu, Joe Vaux, Kukula, Chet Zar, Dave Burke, Jack Long, Charles Wish, Dan Quintana, Nathan Spoor, Joey Remmers, Dan May, Charles Krafft, Chris Peters, Trae King, Brandi Milne, James Naccarato, Mike Maas, Noelly, Boomer, Bad Otis Link, Jenn Porreca, Lauren Gardiner, Michael Page, XNO, Raudiel, Dan May, Chris Owen.. Capro Nason. Santa Monica, CA

June: Who Arted? Group show w/ BT Charles, Lisolette Gilcrest, Jaclyn Havoc, Lizzy Layne, Carl Oxley III, A. Owen Layne,Brian Viveros, Allison Vince, Cory Thompson, The Brothers Thomas, Parisa Hitami, Lucile Ollechowski, Crystal Lupo, Kris Joesel, Suicide Holiday, Cerilia, The Money Shot Twins. The iLounge / Clutch Cargo. Pontiac, MI.

February: The 8th Annual Dirty Show. Group show. Bert's Warehouse Theater, Detroit, MI


December: Capro Nason 15 Year Anniversary Group Art Show w/ Lori Earley, Matt Bone, Joe Ledbetter, Amy Sol, Naoto Hattori, Lola, Nathan Spoor, Joey Remmers, Travis Louie, Audrey Kawasaki, Thomas Han, KuKula, Jack Long, Luke Chueh, Kathie Olivas, Brandi Milne, David Burke, Joe Vaux, Brian Viveros, Paul Chatem, Christopher Polentz, Greg Craola Simkins, Shepard Fairey, Ver Mar, Charles Wish, Chet Zar, Isabel Samaras, Sandow Birk, Keith Weesner, Ron English, Germs, Jeff Gillette, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Jaime Zollars, Charles Krafft, KRK Ryden, Amanda Visell, Ausgang, Bad Otis Link, Dan Quintana, Sas Christian, The Creep, Erik Alos, Boomer, Heather Watts, P. Williams, XNO. Capro Nason, Santa Monica, CA

December: Merry Artness. Group show w/ .. Ana Bagayan, Ryan Callis, Daniel Chang, Natalia Fabia, Jeff Gillette, Renee Gontarski, Michael Kreshnar, Aaron Kraten, Daniel Peacock, Steve Soueka, Nathan Spoor, Brian Viveros, Scott Saw, Jophen Stein. J Flynn Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA

August : Edi's Weinstube (Museum of Porn in Art), Zürich, Switzerland: Swiss Bitch. Solo show

July: Hot at Large: Summer Group Invitational. Group show w/ Annie Sprinkle, Bernardo, Bill Fogarty, Barbara Nitke, Barry Steely, Brian Viveros, Charles Gatewood, Cholla - Horse Artist, Carolyn Weltman, David Hochbaum, François Dubeau, Erin Frost, Fred Hatt, Fred Harper, Fran Turner, HR Giger, Julian Murphy, Luger, Michael Berkowitz, Michael Kirwan, Michael Manning, Michael Rosen, Michele Serchuk, Niagara, Rik Garrett, Ross Johnston, steve Diet Goedde, Steve Johnson Leyba, Leyba & Garrett, Spider Webb, Gidget Gein, Tom of Finland, Tammey Stubbs. Art@Large, New York City

July: Bergamot Invasion II. Group show w/ Sas Christian, Amanda Visell, Amy Sol, Lola, Audrey Kawasaki, Brian Viveros, Shepard Fairey, Chet Zar, Greg "Craola" Simkins, J. Shea, Tanner Goldbeck, Yoskay Yamamoto, Ekundayo, Esao Andrews, Lesley Reppeteaux, Nathan Spoor, Josh Clay, Paul Chatem, Thomas Han, Anthony Ausgang, Bob Dob, Myna Sonou, Mear One, Gris Grimly, Ver Mar, Zoso, Jophen Stein, Korin Faught, Jasmine Worth, Isaac Pierro, Sophia Pottish, Germs, David Stoupakis, John Michael Gill, Joshua Petker, L. Croskey, Michele Waterman, James Naccarato, Joe Ledbetter, Kevin Peterson, Manuel Ocampo, Natalia Fabia...Copro Nason Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

June: Erotic. Group show w/ Vera Akotuah, Glenn Barr, Gary Baseman, Michael Berkowitz, James Bidgood, Joe Berzotta, Newton Burcham, Michael Caines, Joseph Cavalieri, Alexis Covato, Mark Ensslin, Jefferson Hayman, Ryan Heshka, John Hendriks, Robert Kramer, Marcus Letherdale, Niagra, Alfonso Nieto, Shag, Frank Sheehan, Rupert Jansen Smith, DK Stone, Brian Viveros, Carolyn Weltman. Orbit Gallery. Edgewater, NJ

June: Fresh Meat. Group show w/ Wednesday Kirwan, Scott G Brooks, Dara Allison, Pamela Jaeger, Carrie Ann Baade, Esao Andrews, Kris Lewis, Brian Viveros, Bob Dob, Daniel Lim, Brian Despain, Krystof Neimeth, Derek Nobbs, Jessica McCourt, Skot Olsen, Jim Koch, Jamen Chai, Matthew Bone, Sara Lanzillotta, Joe Borzotta, David Bowers. Roq La Rue. Seattle, WA:

March: Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. Seattle, WA

March: Vaudeville of Flesh. Group show w/ Gidget Gein, Clive Barker, Annie Sprinkle, Perry Gallagher, Dave Naz, Brian Viveros, Steven Leyba, David Armstrong, Kristine Kessler, John John Jesse, Colin Christian, Lizel Rubin, Bill Fogarty, Michael Manning, Justina Fader, Jack Malebranche, Christine Kessler, Carolyn Weltman and Rik Garrett. Dragonfly, Hollywood, CA

February: Nostradamus - Three Waves to the Apocalypse. Group show w/ Charles Manson, Brian Viveros, David Lynch, Sas Christian, John John Jesse, Ron English, Dan Quintana, Luke Chueh, Charles Wish, Anthony Ausgang, Chet Zar, Naoto Hattori, Amand Visell, Esao Andrews, Michael Leavitt, Isabel Samaras, Pooch, Joe Leadbetter and Joe Vaux. CaproNason/Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, CA


December: Winter Invitational Exhibition. Group show w/ H.R. Giger, Sorayama, John John Jesse, Carolyn Weltman, Niagara, Skip Williamson, Brian Viveros, Gidget Gein, David Hochbaum, Michael Kirwan, Ross Johnston Art@Large, New York City

October: Samhain Party. Group show w/ Shag, Adele Pederson, Anastasia, Divatopoulos, Andrew Brandou, Audrey Kawaski, Charles Wish, Dan Quintana, Esao Andrews, Isabel Samaras, James Naccarato, Jasmine Worch, Joe Chiodo, Joe Ledbetter, Joe Vaux, Kevin Petersson, Korin Faught, Luck Chueh, Matthew Bone, Mike Davis, Miles Thompson, Naoto Hattori, Nathan Spoor, Natalia Fabia, Pamela Jaeger, Sean Christopher, Stone, Thomas Hall, Vince Locke, XNO. Capro/Nason, Santa Monica, CA

August : Smoking with a Swiss Twist. Solo show. Museum of Porn in Art/Edi's Weinstube, Zürich, Switzerland

June: Bergamont Invasion w/ Cannibal Flower. Group show w/ Alex Gross, Andrew Brandou, Anthony Ausgang, Audrey Kawasaki, Blaine Fontana, Charles Wish, Chet Zar, Dave Pressler, Dennis Larkins, Elizabeth Lopez, Enzia Farrell, Eric Sonntag, Esau Andrews, Gary Baseman, Isaac Pierro, Isabel Samaras, James Peterson, Joe Ledbetter, Joe Vaux, Jophen Stein, Keith Weesner, Kevin Peterson, Korin Faught, L. Croskey, Lola, Luke Chueh, Matthew Bone, Michelle Waterman. Mike Davis, Miles Thompson, Naoto Hattori, Natalia Fabia, Nathan Spoor, Pamela Jaeger, Shag, Thomas Han, Ver Mar, Vincent Calenzo... CaproNason/Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, CA

June: Group show w/ Mitchell Cohen, Nathan Seubert, Ashende Amun, Travis Morley, Catherine Brooks, Marlon McWilliams, Natalia Fabia, Jason Shawn Alexander, Carol Powell, Krista Kahl, Evan Apodaca, Megan Elizabeth Ford, Patrick J. Dene, Erik Swanson, Glenn Fox, Ver Mar, Ryan Callis, Ron Outlaw, Gina Clyne, Carlos Vera, Peter Romberg, Brandi Milne, Squire Greg, Agaia Mortcheva, Randy Kono, Renee Gontarski, Trieops Treyfid, Jeff Lawter, Kio Griffith, Lilly Piri, Chris Lyles, Estrella Perdida, Ina Lim, Brian Vesilone, Shannon Finke, Alexander Schaefer, Greg Gould, Scott Saw, Tim McCormick, Wil Cohen, Mors, Isaac Pierro, Jose Lopez, Janna Stern, Nathan Matthews, Joe Dunavan, John Gill, Patrick Mattison, BJ Winslow. The Hive Galley & Studios. Los Angeles, CA

April: Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. Seattle, WA

March: Solo show. Jamio's Chamber Underground Art Gallery. San Jose, CA

March: Juxtapoz Presents: Eye of the Illuminati. Group show w/ Kathie Olivas, Alex Gross,Mark Ryden, Chris Mars, Vincent Calenzo, Sas Christian, Adele Pederson, Gary Baseman, Ray Biggs, Bosko, Robert Bowen, Andrew Brandou, Joe Chiodo, Natalia Fabia, Daniel Diaz, Lori Earley, Enzia Farrell, Craig Larotonda, F.Scott Hess, Jolanda Olie, Kevin Peterson, Lisa Petrucci, Scott Musgrove, James Naccarato, Nathan Spoor, Bad Otis Link, Pamela Jaeger, Pooch, Zee Eye, Ron English, Sean Christopher, Shag, Mike Leavitt, Brian Viveros, Chet Zar, Isabel Samaras. Capro Nason at Track 16 Gallery. Santa Monica, CA

February: The Dirty Show. Tangent Gallery. Detroit, MI


December: Krampus & Christmas. Group show w/ Adele Pederson, Andrew Brandou, Ann Nicholls, Anthony Ausgang, Brian Viveros, Charles Krafft, Charles Schneider, Chris Densmore, Christiane Cegavske, Clark, Colin Christian, Craig LaRotonda, Dave Burke, Dave Pressler, David Goldin, Dennis Larkins, Douglas Thompson, Extremo, F. Scott Hess, Gary Baseman, Heather Borland, Isaac Pierro, Jean Bastarache, Jeff Gillette, Jessica Lawson, Joe Vaux, John Frame, Keith Weesner, KRK Ryden, Kipling West, Laurie Hassold, Michael McMillen, Miles Thompson, Naoto Hattori, Niagara, Otis Link, Paul Laffoley, Pons Maar, Pooch, R. Biggs, Ray Caesar, Robert Williams, Ron English, Sas Christian, Sean Christopher, Shag, Sharon Leong, Skot Olsen, Ted Blackman, Tim Biskup, Tom Huck, Van Arno, XNO & More… Copro/Nason. Culver City, CA

December: X-mas. Group show w/ Annie Sprinkle, Barbra Nitke, John John Jesse, Pet Silvia, Charles Gatewood, Fred Hatt, The Quentin Crisp Archives, Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba, Carolyn Weltman, Spider Webb, Etienne, Lugar, David Hochbaum, Michael Rosen, Sonja Wagner, Andy Kane, Bill Fogarty, Marrie Cramer, L.A. Willette, Francis Turner. Art @ Large. New York

November: Tree Trimmings: The Ornament Show. Group show w/ Liz McGrath, Gary Baseman, Charlie Krafft, Camille Rose Garcia, Jeff Soto, Renee Gontarski, Charles Kraft, Scott Racke... Track 16. Santa Monica, CA

October: Holloween event. Echo Gallery. Chicago, IL

October: The Big Picture. Group show w/ Reneé Gontarski , J. Lawter, William Conklin, Casey Mcgonagle, AXIS, Brian "Silky" Jameson, Joanne Elizabeth Bradley, Deborah Anderson, Dan Owen, Chris Dellorco, RETNA, Gennie Prochazka, Ed Fox, Dave Naz, Perry Gallagher, Andy Amyx, Neal Breton... Los Angeles, CA

October: Smoking Babes. Solo. Art @ Large, NY

September: Woodstock Tattoo & Body Festival. Group show w/ H.R. Giger, Shepard Fairey, Joe Coleman, Liz McGrath, Skot Olsen, John John Jesse, Mark Motherbaugh, Sas Christian, Alex Gross, Winston Smith, David Hochbaum, Van Arno… Woodstock, NY

September: Gallery at the Night of the Senses. Group show. Club SeOne. London, U.K.

August: Erotic Awards Exhibition. Group show. Coffee Cake and Kink. London, U.K.

July : Republican Torture at the Art Erotics Building. Los Angels, CA

July: Age of Aquarius. Group Show w/ Mark Ryden, Alex Gross, Jeff Soto, Andrew Brandou, Chris Mars, Dave-Burke, Joe Vaux, David Lynch, Shag, Sas Christian, Marilyn Manson… Copro/Nason Gallery. Culver City, CA

February: From Your Valentine. Group Show. Copro/Nason Gallery. Culver City, CA


December: Group Sex II. Group show. Art @ Large. NY

December: Footprints. Group show. Star Shoes. Hollywood, CA

October: The Haunted Doll House. Group show. Copro/Nason Gallery. Culver City, CA

October: The Warming Trend. Group show. The Forty-seven & One-less. Riverside, CA

September: The Woodstock Tattoo & Body Festival. Group show. Woodstock, NY

September: Brave Destiny. Group show. Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. Brooklyn, NY

July: Ed Roth Tribute. Group Show. Copro/Nason Gallery. Culver City, CA

July: Libido Art Exhibit. Group show. Division 9 Gallery. Riverside, CA

April: Robots Have Feelings Too. Group show. Culture Cache Gallery. San Francisco, CA

April: Group show. The Cannibalflower Art Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

March: Circus of Flesh. Group show. The Toy Room Gallery. Sacramento, CA


November: Simesed Teased. Solo show. Feitico Gallery. Chicago, IL

June: "Eye Candy". Group show w/ Jeff Soto and e-Dog. 3 Deuces Art Gallery. Riverside, CA

April: Art & Lust. Group show w/ Eric Stanton, Tom of Finland, H.R. Giger, Joe Coleman, Alfredo Ceibal, Eric Kroll, Toshio Saeki, John Jon Jesse, Giovanna Casotto, Annie Sprinkle… Wild Seduction Gallery. Miami, FL

April: The Erotic Art of Brian Viveros. Solo show. Torture Garden. London, U.K.

January: Enterruption presents: Sights, Sounds Liberties. Group show w/ Anthony Skirvin, Riley McFerrin, wm.rage, Mason Jones, Txtutxo, ErRe. Mission Badlands Gallery. San Francisco, CA


February: Definitive Retrospect. Group Show. Copro/Nason Gallery. Culver City, CA


August: No Red Ribbons Art Auction Benefit. Group show w/ Clive Barker, Mark Ryden, Robert Williams... Rico Gallery. Santa Monica, CA

July: Leeteg Tribute. Group show. Copro/Nason Gallery. Culver City, CA


December: Kittens n' Kads. Group show. Merry Karnowsky Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

December: Group show w/Masaaki Toyoura. Todd Kaplan Gallery. Los Angelas CA

February:Assorted Visions. Group show. Java Books and Coffee House. Riverside, CA


September: The Erotic Art of Brian Viveros. Solo show. Darks Art Parlour, The Shadow Gallery. Hollywood, CA

January: Deep Inside (The Art of Porn). Group show w/ H.R. Giger, Eric Kroll, Spider Webb... The Musee d'art Contemporain Pornographique. Lausanne, Switzerland