Dislandia: a disturbing observance of a child existing in an indistinguishable time and place - shrouded by frustration and haunted by surrealist visions. Invited by communiqué, she ventures on a cathartic endeavor with a startling conclusion.

produced & directed by Eriijk Ressler + Brian M. Viveros

soundtrack by Brad Southard


run time: 29 minutes.

With shades of Luis Buñuel, Fernando Arrabal and Walt Disney, it is fascinating to observe. Dislandia is sure to unnerve the viewer with its dreamlike images that range from bizarre to symbolic and erotic.

“for fans of early David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky, as filmed by a cracked-out Salvador Dali…” – Synonymous

"Dislandia... is a quietly eerie, boldly stylized short. It plays out like home movies of a vaguely monstrous little girl wandering through a dying landscape." - John Chandler, The Portland Tribune

"Starkly poetic"

"I enjoyed the delicate grotesqueness"

"A sophisticated, yet troubling sense of eroticism"

mp3 (29.06 min/13.3mb) of the startling soundtrack in its entirety! Give an ear to Brad's sonicaly haunting soundtrack for immediate aural stimulation (quite a journey - indeed!). The Dislandia score is a mélange of folk, psychedelia, field recordings, Orientalism and African thumb numbin'.

down load it... get loaded... turn inside out...


leslie's (of smogland, ca) blog: adventures in randomness notes dislandia's impression upon her. dig it!

Dislandia is available to thee masses through the dvd comp: Cinema of Death (Cult Epics) which features cover art by brian viveros: "Underground Cinema first appeared in the 1960s with groundbreaking works by filmmakers as Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage and Andy Warhol, whose films dealt with provocative subjects such as politics, sex, magic and death. Cinema of Death compiles some of the most recent extreme films made, featuring raw, poetic, explosive images that will enter into and linger in the subconscious. "

"Adoration" (Olivier Smolders, Belgium/1987) is the true story of  a Japanese man’s love crazed obsession for a woman,
which ends in cannibalism.  "Dislandia" (Brian M. Viveros & Eriijk Ressler, USA/2005), a disturbing  observance of a child existing
in an indistinguishable time and place, haunted by surrealist visions.  "Pig" (Nico B, USA/1999), a poetic film in which we see the
subconscious of a killer transform into abstract forms and material, all deriving from his suffering and desperation. Featuring Rozz
Williams (Christian Death). "Hollywood Babylon" (Nico B, USA/2000), an homage to Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, shot at
the Museum of Death, Ca. "Le Poem" (Bogdan Borkowski, France/1986), an actual autopsy of a human body accompanied by the
poem ‘The Drunken Boat’ by Arthur Rimbaud."

thee dislandic-trip congregation

Disalandia is... (x3)

Dislandia is a psycho-drama revolving around a young girl. She exists in a desolate world full of dreamlike images that range from bizarre to symbolic and erotic.

Dislandia is abstract in that it's not presented in the "mainstream" film format. It is a vehicle to the unconscious dream state. The resulting mood is dependent on each viewer's mindset.

Dislandia is our first reaction to our distaste of the mindless film fare generated for flash and consumption.